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EMX Express & MED Airlines realized a Charter Flight today 15/09/2010 from Tanger to Zaragosa for Delphi Maroc and Opel Zaragosa.

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Our Company:
Med Airlines has 550 destinations on 6 continents and the experience and expertise to plan and execute each operation from start to finish with the best quality of service.

Med Airlines continues its diversification in the area of national and international transport and logistics.

Med Airlines accompanies you worldwide and currently owns a network of partnerships around the world to better respond to the demands of its customers. It offers a full range of skills in the fields of transportation and logistics:
  • International Transport.
  • National transportation.
  • Road transportation.
  • Air transportation.
  • Exceptional transportation.
  • Transportation of dangerous goods.
  • Transportation of urgent freight.
  • Dedicated logistics.
  • Customs.
It also ensures you advantageous conditions that adapt to your needs:
  • Attractive rates that respond to the market needs.
  • Regular and rigorous monitoring of your control before, during, and after the completion of your imports and/or exports.
  • A continuous staff that forms a better mastery of new information technologies and logistics management.
  • Innovative solutions based on the expertise and dynamism of our teams.

Med Airlines has developed a logistics platform in accordance with the international standards, by integrating the information technology as the axis that will enable Moroccan companies to outsource the storage, packaging and distribution of their products throughout the Kingdom and abroad.

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